• http://twitter.com/amerikate amerikate

    Did you do anything within Windows 7 or Parallels to help speed things up?  I am running a very similar configuration and seem to frequently be waiting on Windows or applications.

  • http://www.woodcp.com/ Todd A. Wood

    I am running a fresh install of Windows 7 Professional x64 in my VM and get a Windows Experience Index of 5.5. I have my VM configured to used 4GB of RAM and 2 CPU Cores along with 512 MB of Video Memory. I have not felt myself waiting on windows and I am running Visual Studio 2010, SQL Server 2008 R2, and a IIS actively.

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  • Dino Buljubasic

    Todd, I never used Mac Book Pro or any apple product b4 but I am thinking about getting one for doing development in .net, windows mobile and for android dev. (Mainly because ridiculously low resolutions in windows machines). Anything you would recommend before I make the leap? Any issues you had to deal with?

    • http://www.woodcp.com/ Todd A. Wood

      Dino, I love the mixed runtime environment of Windows on my MBP but there is a steep OS X learning curve the first couple months. I remember the first couple months when I first got my MBP just trying to figure out the shortcut key nomenclature and performing simple tasks. The farther you get down the OS X learning curve the less friction you encounter and it feels more natural and productive. These days, I am more productive programming Windows on my Mac then a Windows only desktop. I like the Mac OS X helper apps like Alfred, virtual desktops, and productivity apps.

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